Custom Embroidery digitizing companies are running their business successfully and satisfying customers need effectively. Embroidery digitizing has made the process of embroidery extremely easy and time-saving.

The custom embroidery digitizing companies use different tools and machines to produce the perfect embroidered brands. Here we are discussing some types of sewing machines that can be used by several embroidery digitizing companies

Electric sewing machines

A typical electric sewing machine encompasses a motor in the body. This body helps to move the needle in the top part of the sewing machine and wheels other working parts. These working parts include bobbin and feed dogs that mechanically feed material into the machine beneath the needle.

The foot pedal that is controlled by you drives the motor. You can choose your speed through these pedals if you want to boost up the speech you can push your feet harder for the faster sew.

Computerized sewing Machine

Computerized sewing machines are more efficient than ordinary sewing machines. A computer controls the machine and it is pre-programmed with the correct tension, length and width. You can operate a computerized machine by using a touchpad and screen, there are also some advanced models that you can download from computer.

Overlocker sewing machine

Overclocking sewing machines are used to create a professional touch for the garments. Usually, they are used with the regular sewing machine as an addition. Its functions are restricted that’s why it can’t be used on its own.

Manual Sewing Machine

The manual sewing machine is typically limited to old models, you can operate the manual sewing machine with the help of a hand wheel. You move the fabric under the needle with the help of another hand. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find such antique machines because of the advent of modern sewing machines.

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