For those who are willing to create a design onto a cap, they can find some difficulties for the first time. Expert embroidery digitizers better know that practically a chest logo or a cap stitching is more problematic due to some factors.

The main reason that Embroidery digitizers take cap stitching more challenging is the way of a cap hooped due to the cap frame Also, the movement of machine and needle plate gap because when you are using a standard hoop the needle plate gap gets further away.

The people who are persistent on using their existing logo, they have to compensate the factors that can affect the stitch results. You can take a look at the list below for compensating the affecting factors.

  1. Fit the cap frame area by resizing the design. Many of the cap frames are around 50mm however, it depends on the brands. On the back of the cap or to the side of the logo, you can break the logo and do the text. The side of the logo is typically a wider area. The three possible examples are in the given image.embroidery Digitizers


  1. The first option can be used if you are happy enough with the layout and size. You can increase the pull compensation to 0.45 due to the distance from the needle plate and cap. Pull compensation can be defined as the distance from the bobbin to the top stitch. The more the fabric is thicker the more it needs a pull. The pull is increased for the curvature of the cap and distance of the needle plate. Some machines may also choose to use raised needle plate for combining its cap frame.



  1. If you want to avoid the splitting objects you can choose push setting by ‘Titami Fills’. Select the tatami fill, in properties>Special>change the ‘Overlap’ to about 3 in case there is a gap.


  1. When you are about to do lettering, you must always go with Centre out sequence because this can be really effective for dropping the push and pull effect.



  1. If you are willing to reduce the amount of the movements then eliminate underlays for lettering. And if you are having a high contrasting cap, you can utilize the zigzag underlay for lifting the embroidery.


  1. For higher stitch count you can change the Auto Spacing settings to 80.



  1. The best way for aligning the machine is Bottom, start, end’, it helps you to know how much distance you are having from the peak of the cap. The speed of the machine also matters a lot, it’s great to run the machine slowly in between 500 and 700 rpm.

Designing a cap is something unique and skillful, it helps get you modified to different and sometimes tougher to manage surfaces and textures.  Though this may appear a little devastating, once you can grasp the concept it becomes second nature for you.







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