If you are very much interested in Machine embroidery work but the thing is that you are a newbie then you have spotted the right place for you. This blog will tell you that what you need to do as a beginner embroidery digitizer.

Things beginners need to know about Machine Embroidery

  • Relax

As an embroidery digitizer if you have planned to in invest in an embroidery machine then it’s justified to be nervous, but it’s much more important to get over your nervousness and if you are doing your work wrong then just relax and start over again, have you ever counted how many pies you baked before one turned out perfect? Even mistakes provide opportunities for learning.


  • Learn

Don’t be upset on your failures because learning is a cumulative process. Learn from your mistakes it will give you experience and your work will become more polished.


  • Do research

For learning new things you have to do research and practice. Take out time to do proper research about machine embroidery and do the new things accordingly.


  • Start with Small

Try to start with small projects because small projects are easy to handle and you can try all your skills over small projects. By starting from small projects you can grow appropriately and can use challenging techniques as well.


  • Be organized

It is very important to make your sewing area well-organized and devoted because it can help to make your embroidery more enjoyable and productive. You don’t need to reserve an entire room for your embroidery even you can do your work by using a closet but it should be maintained and well-organized so you can work without having to put everything away.





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