Make your Lettering Sharp and Clear

If you want to give your embroidery a professional view like many specialized Digitizing Embroidery Services then small lettering is something that will get you to the right. With small lettering, it is unavoidable that the letters will start to blur together because of their size. This can be prevented if you will follow some easy steps.

Many Digitizing Embroidery Services are the expert of creating beautiful small letters because they know what to do and how to do. You can use the following tips to create perfect small letters for your embroidery.

Stitch Spacing

Usually the default setting with standard 10mm embroidery alphabet, stitch spacing is 90%. If you are working on a 4-5mm embroidery alphabet then you can increase the spacing to 150-250% this will help to decrease the overall stitch count.

Minimize Underlay

For underlay, it’s best to use the center run or zigzag. The fabric type on which you are working also matters a lot, you must consider each and everything including baking, topping and fabrics. You can see that embroidery designs for bomber jackets look awesome. The reason behind its perfect look is that these jackets provide a steady surface for embroidery.

Hooping and sampling

Remember, your sampling material should be same as your garment fabric, it must be similar with the auto fabric used in the design. When you start hooping the fabric, no bubbles should be there. Always hoop in your cut-away backing. The push and pull effect rely on the fabric that you are using. Before production its best to test sample.

Fixing the eye of the letters

Lowercase lettering is considered as the ‘eye’ of the letter that causes glitches. In small lettering, this tends to close up. If the case is same, you need to open it up. It seems strange, but because of the push and effect, letters inevitably adjust when stitched out. You can periodically zoom to 1:1 by pressing ‘0’ so you will get an actual size perspective of the design.








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