Custom Embroidery Digitizing is something very trendy and beautiful but it would not be beautiful without the proper use of tools and machines. Embroidery with a machine is becoming a business nowadays because it just not only saves time and cost but also it creates a beautiful finished embroidered product.

Tools and machines really matter for custom embroidery digitizing, and of course, it involves a good cost, therefore, before deciding about the purchase of embroidery machines or embroidery software just make your mind clear. Before purchasing any embroidery software just ask few questions to yourself and try to find the reasonable answers, Ask yourself

  1. Do you want to custom your embroidery design collection by adding lettering?
  2. Do you want to resize designs (make them smaller or larger)?
  3. Do you want to change the colors in the design?
  4. Do you want to remove parts of a design?
  5. Do you want to digitize your own designs, create designs from drawings, clip art, pictures?
  6. What is your budget?

These questions will help you to find out a direction for your embroidery work plus, you can get an obvious insight regarding your budget as well. Embroidery machines also involve huge costs depends on upon the size and functions of the machine.

Whenever you decide to purchase an embroidery machine for your business or even for the casual use just make sure to do some market research about the prices and the relevant features. Try to prefer the top brands for embroidery machines, because they are more reliable. Some of the top brands for Embroidery machines are Brother, Singer and Janome embroidery and sewing machines, these are perfectly established for home as well as for commercial use.  Brother is a well-known brand, identified for affordable and popular products, software and sewing and embroidery equipment.



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