If you are motivated enough and want to run your own Digitizing Company in USA then you have spotted the right place for you. We are trying to easily make you understand about how to use connector settings and it makes the work easier for a digitizing company.

Before anything else, you first need to get some know-how about what are connectors? Let’s start from the very basic, the connectors are used to link objects to one another they can function automatically as well as manually.

The connectors that manually works use function and inserted at the necessary place while the automatic application is operated and controlled by software settings. When you are done with connector settings the next thing that is difficult to hold is inside an object and after an object.

When working with connector settings you should focus some major areas of consideration like Trim settings.

Trim Settings-Tie In and Tie Off

Concerning with the issue of the tie-in, it will be a good practice to ’tie in’ which supports the top thread from untying. Trim settings are usually easy to understand. To reduce any manual trims, as with ‘tie-ins’, leave it on the default setting. This will save you time and effort!

Connectors are really an important part of digitizing. At first, connector settings get little tricky to hold off but once you get some command over them, they can be a very useful tool for you. If you find difficulties in these settings then you can practice by watching different tutorials and videos. This will be very helpful for you to get many things out from your software.

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